Why I chose not to endorse the Bipartisan Policy Center Commission’s retirement security report

Under the center's proposed reforms, workers who experience the greatest challenges in the labor market could still face financial insecurity in retirement.

Living long and living well: How can we care for the nation’s caregivers?

As our population ages, many Americans will need daily hands-on help to live, but what about their caregivers’ ability to live long and well?

Teachers’ required pension contributions are less fair than union fees

Public school teachers must contribute to a retirement plan that denies them a fair return. It may not be unconstitutional, but it sure seems unfair.

How the Urban Institute is working to improve long-term care financing

One in seven is adults is likely to need long-term care for five years or more. But at a cost of at least $250,000, it’s far beyond affordable for most.

Can economic growth really fix Social Security?

Economic growth would bring revenue for Social Security in the short term but puts the system on the hook for higher benefit payments over time.

Using open Social Security data carefully

Researchers are an important part of the open data ecosystem because their expertise can help identify—and potentially remedy—data caveats and errors.

Why we created an open-source Social Security data tool

What's the difference between public data and open data? To be "open," data need to be easily accessible to as wide an audience as possible.

For seniors, the housing burden keeps growing

The high costs of housing can also mean higher costs for health, particularly for low-income seniors.

This affordable old house: How zoning can help seniors age in place

Regulations that promote low-density development disconnect older adults from their community and limit access to vital goods and services.

How can we make Social Security solvent?

Several presidential candidates have put forth serious Social Security reform plans. But the most popular reform options won’t actually help much.