The demise of myRA raises the stakes for state retirement initiatives

With the recent termination of myRA, state retirement initiatives may now offer the best hope to boost retirement savings.

If the Senate repeal-and-replace health care bill goes forward, it would cut Medicaid just as more elderly Americans need long-term services and support

Baby boomers will start reaching their mid-eighties around 2030, when proposed cuts to Medicaid would take effect.

Efforts to reform the Disability Insurance program should start now

More than 12 million Americans receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, but the program’s trust fund is projected to be exhausted in 2023.

For the real story on disability, look at the data

A recent article in a national paper fails to tell the complete story on disabilities, poverty, and the government programs that support disabled people.

Proposed cuts to Social Security Disability Insurance could increase poverty and may not save the program money

President Trump's budget proposal includes a $63 billion cut to disability insurance over the next 10 years.

People and homes are aging quickly in our rural communities

Over the next 15 years, US communities will see their populations grow. But in rural areas, the increase will be mostly elderly citizens.

How can we help older workers realize their potential?

Sound policy and Social Security reforms could boost older adults’ employment, improve their financial security, and ease the economic pressures of an aging society

Why I chose not to endorse the Bipartisan Policy Center Commission’s retirement security report

Under the center's proposed reforms, workers who experience the greatest challenges in the labor market could still face financial insecurity in retirement.

Living long and living well: How can we care for the nation’s caregivers?

As our population ages, many Americans will need daily hands-on help to live, but what about their caregivers’ ability to live long and well?

Teachers’ required pension contributions are less fair than union fees

Public school teachers must contribute to a retirement plan that denies them a fair return. It may not be unconstitutional, but it sure seems unfair.