There is no refugee crisis here: How the United States’ refugees differ from Europe’s

Discourse surrounding international issues has been cut and pasted onto the US refugee system, leading to public confusion over the meaning of “refugee.”

What the research says about immigrants hasn’t changed

The majority of immigrants are not to be feared but should be recognized for their economic, social, civic, and cultural contributions to this country.

Targeting undocumented immigrants won't increase public safety

The Trump administration’s focus on enforcing immigration law stems from myths that bind immigration to national security, crime, and terrorism.

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#thisis2016: Why we need better data on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

Representation matters—and that’s especially true in research.

Over half of children of immigrants are bilingual

Bilingualism is an asset to children of immigrants and should be supported and nurtured.

What immigration means for our economic and fiscal future

As with native-born Americans, immigrants’ net contribution to society and the economy will have less to do with where they come from and more to do with their individual characteristics.