Better Life Chances for Children

Research suggests that the conditions children are raised in affect their development in a number of areas. The Low-Income Working Families Initiative examines the conditions that can affect children’s development and interventions to help them cope with trauma, instability, and life in poverty, as well as methods to prevent such occurrences.

Children in Persistent Poverty 

The economic situation of families that children are born into too often predetermines the opportunities they will have to lead productive lives. This is particularly troubling for children who are born into poverty.

Children of Immigrants

Since 2006, Urban has used data from the American Community Survey to understand the trends in the population of children born to at least one foreign-born parent—that is, children of immigrants. Through briefs, reports, state fact sheetsdata visualizations, and our interactive data tool, we track and allow others to track changes in the characteristics, number, and lived realities of these children and their families.

Economic Security and Safety Net Programs

America's low-income working families are struggling to get by, too often forced to make impossible choices among food, housing, health care, and child care. In addition, their economic well-being can be affected by sudden and unpredictable events such as illness and job loss, as well as periods of economic booms and busts. Our goal is to investigate the challenges that vulnerable households face—whether working or not—and explore the policies, work supports, and family supports that can help families prosper.

State Policy and Low-Income Families

Some state policies affect children and families through impacts on family economic well-being and household composition. We often examine state policies to determine possible impacts and to suggest potential solutions across policy areas ranging from the safety net to incarceration.

Who Might Face Barriers to Accessing Quality Child Care?

Child care is a critical work support for families and a crucial component of children’s early learning and healthy development. But are child care subsidies going to settings that all families can access? Find out, for each state, where federal child care subsidies are going and how many low-income families may face challenges accessing center-based care.