Administration’s budget proposal could be a double-edged sword for child support

Some proposed policies could improve low-income fathers’ ability to pay child support, while others would likely make it worse.

10 recommendations to expand preschool access for children of immigrants

Children of immigrants make up one-quarter of our future workforce, but are less likely to participate in early education programs.

Children’s education and health programs face deepest cuts in Administration’s budget blueprint

Children's health programs face a 10 percent or $140 billion cut in the Trump administration's 2018 budget.

America’s investment in young children will decline, even with proposed tax and budget changes aside

Under current law, federal spending per child age 8 or younger is expected to decline in every category except health.

Economic security policies should recognize the link between the outcomes of parents and their children

Policies intended to improve families’ economic security often don’t consider the needs of parents and their children together.

House and Senate tax bills do little for most families with young children

Significant help for low- and middle-income families with children is missing from tax reform legislation.

Household asthma triggers can lead to ER visits for children, which cost $800 million in 2014

Exposure to indoor allergens and irritants like mold, moisture, pests, and tobacco smoke can exacerbate asthma.

That’s scary: America spends as much on Halloween as it does on Head Start

Federal spending on children is projected to shrink as a share of the federal budget over the next decade.