A new law could help the government rely on evidence to improve programs

The Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act is a step toward strengthening how the federal government uses evidence.

Why evidence-based policymaking should be on every new governor’s to-do list

Evidence-based policymaking can help leaders meet policy goals by focusing public funding on programs that work and fostering deeper understanding of constituents’ needs.

Four things to know about learning agendas

The White House’s recent government reform plan and the president’s management agenda encourage the development of learning agendas.

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For local practitioners to benefit from evidence, they need to be engaged in all phases of research.

Misleading data and visualizations

The questions we ask when we examine data visualizations can be crucial to how we understand complicated issues.

Where have all the data gone? The effects of the FBI’s decision to reduce public access to crime data

In its annual dissemination of crime statistics, the FBI published 70 percent fewer data tables.

How evidence-based decisionmaking enhances public service

Using evidence to make decisions can mitigate challenges raised by a large federal bureaucracy.

How pay for success can support workforce development and integrated career pathway models

The pay for success model can support federal funding for workforce development, which has declined over the past two decades.

Congress is taking another big step to strengthen federal evidence-based policymaking

Recently introduced legislation makes important steps to improve the use of evidence and data in federal agencies.

The essential features of a strong federal evaluation office

Legislation introduced yesterday seeks to expand evidence capacity building in federal agencies.