January 26, 2021

As the Federal Evaluation Forum embarks on a new year, several products emerging from last fall’s convenings and forum can inform thinking. As the new administration takes shape and federal, state, and local agencies prepare to implement new programs and continue to improve existing ones, the principles of evidence-based policymaking and program management can help ensure program success.

Evaluation and analytics to improve, not just evaluate, program performance
Batia Katz and Shelley Metzenbaum explain how evaluation helps agencies detect problems and opportunities, set priorities, design treatments, assess programs and practices, and adapt processes for continual improvement. Efforts to evaluate and improve program performance can and should complement one another. 

Using implementation science to systematically identify opportunities for learning and improvement
This brief, by Teresa Derrick-Mills, asserts how government managers can use implementation science to systematically pinpoint opportunities to improve operations, achieve their missions, and—if in the federal government—implement the Foundations for Evidence Based Policy Making Act of 2018. 

Evaluation guide for public service program managers
In this hands-on guide, Harry Hatry describes how program managers can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their organization’s services, mainly through low-cost actions that provide timely information. 

How the new administration can use evidence-based policymaking to improve program performance and effectiveness
Batia Katz’s blog post explains why program evaluation is an effective, efficient, and attainable tool for improving program performance, and how the use of evidence-based policymaking at the federal level can trickle down to all levels of government and even within nongovernmental organizations.

Explore other products from the forum this fall:

We in the Federal Evaluation Forum are looking forward to 2021 and have exciting plans underway. Stay tuned for more information to about upcoming events and products, and have a safe and productive start to the new year!