The prevalence of police officers in US schools

More than two-thirds of high school students already attend a school with a police officer present.

Should all colleges be eligible for federal student aid programs?

The federal government provides loans to students to attend colleges from which most students fail to graduate or have low earnings, even with a degree.

Would increases in state appropriations stop tuition prices from rising so fast?

It's easy to exaggerate how much changes in appropriations explain and are reflected in tuition increases.

To create evidence-based preschool policy, we first need to democratize the evidence

Research on how to maximize the effectiveness and equity of public preschool has not kept pace with the growth of these programs.

How well does graduate school pay off?

Median earnings for adults with professional degrees are almost twice as high as those for bachelor’s degree holders.

Striking teachers want better supplies. The data say those requests are justified

Spending on instructional materials decreased more than 30 percent in Oklahoma and Kentucky over the past 15 years.

How many scholarships could we fund if we eliminated college sports? Hint: a lot.

In the wake of March Madness, Urban Institute researchers reflect on the financial costs of intercollegiate sports.

Exploring the geography of college opportunity

Changing the definition of an "education desert" reveals different areas that lack access to education.

Incremental steps toward bold student loan reforms

In the next Higher Education Act, Congress could design a system that will better serve both student loan borrowers and taxpayers.