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The most recent national data show that 67 percent of adults were not digitally literate in 2012.

Corporations Have Led on LGBTQ Workplace Inclusion, but Many Challenges Remain

20 percent of LGBTQ Americans report experiencing discrimination when applying for jobs.

Leveraging the Workplace to Improve Employees’ Financial Wellness

More employers are expanding benefit offerings to include financial education and empowerment.

Unstable Work Patterns Challenge Compliance with Safety Net Work Requirements

The Trump administration continues to advance work requirements in federal health, nutrition, and rental assistance programs.

When Employment Is Unstable or Low-Paying, Work Requirements Don’t Lift People from Poverty

Temporary or contractual jobs that lack benefits, job security, and child care present challenges to public housing residents.

The Robots Are Coming. Career Pathways Programs Can Help Us Prepare.

Career pathways have the potential to lead low-skill workers to higher-quality jobs over time.

In Kentucky, apprenticeships in the public sector open new opportunities

The Kentucky programs have operated for less than a year, but each apprenticeship examined by Urban researchers demonstrates tangible, practical benefits.