Nonprofit Leadership is Out of Step with America’s Changing Demographics

Leadership in the nonprofit sector has long failed to reflect the rich diversity in the US, which can diminish the sector’s effectiveness and relevance to the communities it serves.

By Investing in the South, Philanthropy Can Reduce Black Children’s Inequality

For philanthropy to make a difference in the lives of southern Black children, equitable grantmaking must be the bedrock of their efforts.

The Biden-Harris Administration Vowed to Prioritize Racial Equity, Philanthropy Can Help

Prioritizing philanthropy can help the Biden-Harris administration balance advancing racial equity and accomplishing aligned policy objectives.

Transforming the Civil Justice System Would Advance Equity for All

Generative civil justice eliminates inequalities by creating accessible supports that give people what they need, when they need it, in a format they can use to resolve their issues.

Participatory Grantmaking Aims to Dismantle Power Imbalances between Funders and the Communities They Serve

Unlike large, private funders, many smaller, public foundations have historically included community members, former grantees, and individual donors in their decision making processes.

Addressing Racial Funding Gaps in the Nonprofit Sector Requires New Data Approaches

Serious data gaps prohibit the field from tracking progress on corporate, philanthropic, and federal investments.

Our Nation Needs African American Museums to Restore Public Memory and Light the Way Forward

African American museums are more than guardians of history and culture.

New Data Show Stark Racial and Ethnic Differences in Young People’s Healthy Development

Investing in expanding the evidence base to address structural inequality can help create real, lasting change and better outcomes for children.

In Rural Communities, COVID-19 Increases Healthy Development Challenges for Children of Color

Protecting the rising generation of rural children of color will depend on rapid, expansive action by stakeholders across policy and nonprofit sectors.

How Philanthropy Can (and Can’t) Help Prevent Evictions during the Pandemic

Philanthropy can’t replace the public sector in providing sorely needed rent relief, but it can play a critical role in preventing evictions and stabilizing housing.