How Can We Do a Better Job of Getting Meals to Young Children during the Pandemic?

New research finds there isn’t a comprehensive or single way young children have been fed during child care closures.

It’s Time for America to Reconsider Its Investment in Our Children

In 2019, roughly 9 percent of federal spending was invested in children, compared with 45 percent that was spent on retirement and health benefits for adults through Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Black and Hispanic People See Biggest Potential Poverty Reduction from Select HEROES Act Policies

Absent new legislation, more than one in five Black and Hispanic people are at risk of being in poverty later this year.

New Civil Rights Principles Mark First Step to Make AI Hiring More Equitable

As employers adopt AI hiring technology during the pandemic and beyond, they have a critical responsibility to ensure the systems they use don’t deepen inequalities.

Three Lessons from the Swiss Apprenticeship Model to Inform Our Post-COVID-19 Recovery

Investments made in youth apprenticeship now could yield returns for decades to come.

Three Principles to Ensure COVID-19 Recovery Information Reaches Immigrant Communities

Effective outreach with immigrant residents depends on translation of materials into multiple languages, accessible and trustworthy messengers, and creative ways to transmit information.

Including Immigrants in State and Local Support Responses during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Inclusive recovery efforts require attention to the needs and circumstances of immigrant communities and a combination of accessible mainstream and targeted supports for immigrant families.

Youth Apprenticeship Can Help Reduce Long-Term Harms from Recession

Youth apprenticeships can provide students with valuable work experience and earnings to help them weather an unsteady labor market.

The Supreme Court Reaffirmed LBGT Protections against Discrimination. How Can We Ensure Those Rights Are Realized?

The principles the court affirmed could have far-reaching impact across many facets of life, including health, housing, and education.

Making High School More Flexible and Supportive for Teens after COVID-19

Schools could emerge from the pandemic with stronger will and capacity to serve students who need more support and flexibility to succeed.