Four Lessons for How to Confront Challenges and Better Support AA/NHPI Communities

Addressing anti-Asian violence should not be seen only as individual incidents but understood as representative of an ongoing effort to dismantle longstanding structural racism.

Steps Every State Can Take to Build a More Equitable Child Care Subsidy System

Historically, the child care subsidy system has been underfunded, serving only one in six children eligible under federal law.

COVID-19 Relief Legislation Offers a Historic Opportunity to Support the ECE Workforce

How stimulus funding can support evidence-based improvements to the well-being of the ECE workforce.

States Can Pursue Policies to Make Child Care More Accessible during Nontraditional Hours

Families working nontraditional hours face challenges finding child care, and child care services they do use tend to receive less support from public funds.

Effective New Investments in Children Start with Understanding Current Public Spending

Our State-by-State Spending on Kids Dataset offers the most comprehensive account of public spending on children available, and it gives state and federal administrators the data they need to make informed decisions amid pandemic relief.

The Benefits and Challenges of Designing a Cost Study with Community Partners

The pros and cons of using a community-engaged approach to co-design a cost study with local partners.

Nine Ways to Strengthen Program Evaluations by Centering Community Voice

Insights into how a community-based approach can strengthen research and create equitable evaluation processes.

Contracts Can Support the Child Care Workforce but Require Thinking outside the Box

To prevent permanent job loss and damage to a field dominated by women of color, contracts should be designed creatively and with a focus on equity.

How Supporting Early Care and Education Supports a Stronger Economy

The American Families Plan will increase investment in childcare and early education, and the impacts will benefit even those without children.

Easing Barriers to Child Care Food Subsidies for Home-Based Child Care Providers Offers Policymakers an Overlooked Opportunity

Removing barriers could support the healthy development and well-being of millions of American children.