About the Project

Urban’s vision for the Registered Apprenticeship Occupations and Standards Center of Excellence is to build a gold-standard occupational skills infrastructure that increases the transparency, portability, quality, usability, and scalability of the US apprenticeship system. Over the four-year project from June 2021 to June 2025, our team will deliver more than 80 new apprenticeship standards, create a comprehensive and modernized online compendium of standards, institutionalize best practices, and promote methodologies to ensure a sustainable, high-quality registered apprenticeship system.

To achieve these goals, the project team will build new apprenticeship efforts and leverage existing ones, coordinate with partners and stakeholders, update technological tools and resources, and address changing industry and other stakeholder needs to better support businesses and the workforce.

The Registered Apprenticeship Occupations and Standards Center of Excellence Team and Partners

Urban Institute leadership team
Diana Elliott and Zach Boren (co-project directors)
Bhavani Arabandi and John Marotta (co-project managers)
Bob Lerman (senior advisor)

Urban Institute researchers and subject matter experts
Shayne Spaulding, Rayanne Hawkins, Steven Martin, Amanda Briggs, Andrew Campbell, Fernando Hernandez-Lepe, Myca San Miguel, Jessica Shakesprere, Batia Katz, and Jacqueline Rayfield        

Council of State Governments
Maher & Maher
National Association of State and Territorial Apprenticeship Directors
Social Policy Research Associates