PROJECTCompetency-Based Occupational Frameworks for Registered Apprenticeships

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    Transmission Line Worker

    Occupational Purpose and Context

    Transmission Line Workers are employed by or on behalf of public utilities companies and engineering contracting firms and in industries requiring a service to be transmitted through a network of cables. Line workers/linesmen are in many ways the backbone of the electricity and telecommunication industries. Line workers work outdoors in most weather conditions, at heights and in confined spaces underground, and at times with extremely high voltage electricity lines.

    Line workers install, remove, maintain, and repair sub-transmission and distribution lines and associated equipment and facilities, as well as maintain safety for the public and for work crews during repair and construction work.  Line workers must effectively execute many tasks to help deliver electrical power from generating stations into homes, businesses, factories, and other facilities.

    In order to minimize the danger, they must follow strict safety requirements and protocols. They are typically the first responders to power outages and other emergencies, and often work irregular hours in response to emergency events.

    Work Process Schedule (pdf)
    Full Competency-Based Framework (pdf)

    Wind Turbine Technician

    Occupational Purpose and Context

    Wind Turbine Technicians install, inspect, maintain, operate, and repair wind turbines. They are typically employed by electricity generation and/or distribution companies, wind turbine maintenance and repair service providers, wind farm construction companies, and wind turbine manufacturers and suppliers. Wind turbine technicians are able to diagnose and fix a range of issues that may hinder the performance, or cause the unexpected shut down, of a wind turbine.

    Wind turbine technicians inspect the exteriors of towers; climb towers to inspect, troubleshoot, or repair equipment; collect turbine data for testing and analysis; perform routine maintenance; test electrical components, systems, and mechanical and hydraulic systems; and replace worn-out or malfunctioning components.

    Work Process Schedule (pdf)
    Full Competency-Based Framework (pdf)

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