Preparing the ECE Workforce to Meet the Diverse Needs of Children: Challenges, Opportunities, and Policy Solutions

Highly qualified and well-compensated ECE professionals, who are trained to work effectively with children with diverse needs, are essential to ensuring that ECE programs across a variety of settings can help all children succeed in school and life. As the field continues to professionalize, it is critical to understand what preparation educators need to meet the diverse needs of all young children. This includes implementing practices that support racial, ethnic, cultural, and linguistic diversity. With these considerations in mind, the 2019 convening addressed these key issues:

  • Definition of “diversity” in the context of ECE
  • Understanding the full complexity of children’s linguistic and cultural backgrounds
  • Placing ECE experiences in the context of broader societal experiences
  • Meeting the workforce’s needs across settings and roles, including assistant teachers
  • Competencies needed to meet children’s diverse needs
  • Integrating diversity and inclusion in higher education and professional development
  • Integrating diversity and inclusion in ECE curricula
  • Measures needed to study diversity issues and outcomes in ECE classrooms
  • Policy levers at the federal, state, and local levels

Convening Agenda

Speaker Bios