PROJECTCCPRP Highlights: Louisiana, Michigan and Minnesota

February 10, 2021

Child care leaders’ experiences in Louisiana during COVID-19 (PDF)
The COVID-19 pandemic was extremely disruptive for child care providers. Findings from the Study of Early Education in Louisiana (SEE-LA) COVID-19 Leader Survey from May 2020 describe significant changes in center operations, the day-to-day experiences of owners, directors, and assistant directors, and the wellbeing of child care leaders during the pandemic.

Child care and teaching during the pandemic in Louisiana (PDF)
The experiences of those who care for and educate young children during the pandemic are underreported. The SEE-LA COVID-19 Teacher Survey aims to understand the experiences of teachers in two large Louisiana parishes during the early months of the pandemic. Re-opening child care centers requires a clear understanding of the supports teachers will need.

The effects of policy changes on subsidy approvals and utilization (PDF)
An important aim of child care subsidies is to improve the ability of families to access high-quality care. Researchers examined five policy changes affecting subsidies in Michigan. The findings suggest the need to improve program awareness, smooth the application process, increase provider supply, and find ways to retain children in the program.

Grants to child care providers reduce risk of program closures (PDF)
This fact sheet presents initial findings from a survey of child care providers in Minnesota who applied for Peacetime Emergency Child Care (PECC) grants. Providers who received the grants were less likely than providers without grants to close their programs. Additional findings are presented in companion fact sheets.

Research Areas Children and youth
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