Apprenticeship Expansion and Modernization Fund Project

Project Background

The Urban Institute and its partners will be supporting employers nationwide in expanding registered apprenticeships in technological occupations. Tech occupations have grown in recent years across various sectors—including IT, health care, advanced manufacturing, and more—and we seek to work with interested employers and other partners in these areas. Over the contract’s three years (from June 2019 to June 2022), we are committed to helping start over 1,700 new registered apprenticeships in the tech field.

Apprenticeship offers many benefits to both employers and apprentices, including the following:

  1. creation of a pipeline to help fill openings with local talent;
  2. a diversified workforce;
  3. reduced recruitment costs and improved retention and loyalty;
  4. a way to close the tech skills gap while broadening routes to rewarding careers; and
  5. the opportunity for employers to shape the workforce in their industry while giving workers an opportunity to learn, produce high-quality work, and earn wages.

Apprenticeship is compatible with existing business practices. Many resources, including those offered by Urban and its partners, exist to help interested employers start a program and begin building talent.

Services We Provide

Our team of Urban staff and experienced partners can provide employers with important services to help prepare them for hosting registered apprenticeship programs. These resources will take the form of both tangible materials and consultative technical assistance. Technical assistance ranges from intermittent questions to longer-term, one-on-one work, including the following:

  1. answering employers’ questions about apprenticeships;
  2. working with employers to select occupations and develop the training plans and other related content for new registered apprenticeship programs;
  3. connecting employers with community colleges and other avenues for hiring apprentices;
  4. supporting employers in registering programs with federal apprenticeship agencies;
  5. leveraging microcredentials to ensure apprentices demonstrate critical employability skills; and
  6. providing modest funding to help employers offset costs related to registering apprentices.

Opportunities for Partnership

The Urban Institute team is seeking ways to partner with organizations and networks to advance this work. This is a terrific opportunity for industries and employers to be part of a larger national effort, be leaders in this space, and help develop registered apprenticeship programs in tech occupations across a wide range of industries. If interested, contact our team at for more information.