Indefinite Quantity Contracts

The Urban Institute holds a variety of grant and contract mechanisms that make it simple to access the expertise of our team. For US Government entities (such as USAID and MCC), several indefinite quantity contract (IQC) mechanisms are available. Please contact Robert Malotte for additional information on any of IDG's IQC mechanisms.

USAID Making Cities Work

Status: Ongoing
The Urban Institute is a major subcontrator with The Louis Berger Group, Inc supporting USAID's Making Cities Work (MCW) initiative (formerly known as HABITAT) under an Indefinite Quantity Contract, providing access to short- and long-term technical services training and capacity building related to improving urban and local governance, in various locations worldwide on a task order by task order basis.

USAID Public Financial Management (PFM) IQC

Status: Ongoing

The Urban Institute is a member of the Deloitte Consulting Consortium for the Public Financial Management (PFM) Indefinite Quantity Contract (IQC). The IQC is a broad-based, multi-faceted, mechanism to empower USAID missions to engage in public financial management reforms and other economic policy and institutional reform/modernization projects by enabling USAID to procure short- and long-term services; to accumulate the intellectual and technical resources to better understand, and thereby help overcome, economic policy and institutional constraints to economic growth; and to advance state-of-the-art practices within the international donor community.

USAID Rule of Law IQC

Status: Ongoing

Under USAID's Rule of Law IQC, the Urban Institute is a member of AMEX International's consortium offering services to local missions encompassing short- and long-term technical assistance and other activities aimed at supporting the development of rule of law and human rights. Urban's collaboration is based on our expertise in evaluation of criminal justice programs, analyses of the political economy of various government services, and the establishment of systems of performance management.

USAID Legislative Strengthening

Status: Ongoing

As part of Chemonics International's consortium under USAID's Legislative Strengthening IQC, Urban offers services worldwide to improve the capacity and performance of legislatures, their members, and staff in realizing representative, lawmaking, and oversight functions. The overall objective of the IQC is to improve the deliberative processes of host country legislatures so that they are more democratic, transparent, and accountable; more representative of the public interest; and result in better monitoring of governmental performance.

USAID Encouraging Global Anticorruption and Good Governance Efforts (ENGAGE) IQC

Status: Ongoing

Urban is an active member in the consortium led by Chemonics International for ENGAGE IQC. The IQC covers a wide array of technical areas. The Urban Institute's main role in this IQC is to provide expertise in specific service areas which include—public sector management, institutional checks and balances, political accountability, public-private interface, civil society and the media, local governance and community empowerment, and cross-cutting issues like anticorruption.