Can Economic Growth Include Women in the Global South?
May 6th 2016
Urban Institute, Washington DC

This event focused on why the effects of women’s economic empowerment may be enhanced in some places but inhibited in others. The discussion focused on how historically and geographically specific sociopolitical and economic structures such as legal, institutional, and cultural or infrastructural factors may protect women from exploitation, and unintended consequences of development.

Technology and the City: Routes to Women’s Economic Empowerment
March 22nd 2017
Urban Institute, Washington DC

This event focused on the role of technology and rapidly changing cities in enabling women’s economic empowerment. The panel discussed how technology can help support women, including those who are most at risk of being left behind by technological development. The conversation also focused on the interplay between urbanization and public spaces in changing how women traverse and interact with cities in the 21st century. 

Empowering Women for Growth & Prosperity: From Evidence to Policy
February 8th 2018
Serena Hotel, Islamabad, Pakistan

Global rankings on gender disparities puts Pakistan among the worst in the world and significantly lagging regional peers like India and Bangladesh. Improving the status quo requires bridging knowledge gaps on barriers to and enablers of women’s economic empowerment and implementing interventions that work. This day-long conference brought together parliamentarians, policymakers, researchers, activists and thought leaders to discuss women’s participation in labor markets, impacts of climate stressors and shocks and the economic consequences of violence against women.