Ethiopian House of Federation Delegation Visits the Urban Institute


IDG News - August, 2013: On August 23, 2013, a delegation from Ethiopia's House of Federation visited the Urban Institute as part of a three week-long study visit to the United States. The delegation was led by Hon. Ato Kassa Tekelebrihan, the Speaker of the House of Federation; the other members of the delegation included Hon. Ato Shiferaw Shigute (President of the SNNP Regional State); Hon. Ato Work Adamu; Ato Debebe Barud; and Dr. Zewudu Jevedem Case. One of the key functions of the House of Federation, somewhat similar to the U.S. Senate, is to determine the distribution of revenues and grant resources among Ethiopia's nine regional states. The study visit was organized and supported by the World Bank to expose the delegation to intergovernmental finance issues in the United States and around the world.

At the Urban Institute, the delegation met with Charles Cadwell, Norton Francis and Jamie Boex, to learn about intergovernmental finance issues in the United States, both between the federal and state level, as well as between the state and local level. Discussions focused on the federal role in funding and improving the performance in primary, secondary and higher education; the federal role in health care provision and finance; and federal support for highways, road infrastructure and urban development in the United States.

The visit from the delegation was particularly timely, as the Urban Institute is currently supporting an analysis of intergovernmental fiscal relations and municipal finances in Ethiopia as part of the preparatory work for future World Bank support for urban local government development in Ethiopia.