IDG Highlights

After a decade of Sierra Leone’s decentralization strategy, where are they now?

IDG Research, January 2015: The Urban Institute hosted a panel discussion on local governance in Sierra Leone, bringing together economists and public sector experts to discuss the progress Sierra Leone has made since the end of its civil war, and the obstacles remaining in the path to equitable service delivery. 

The Local Public Sector's Role in Achieving Development Goals in Health and Education

IDG  Research, January 2015: The first study of its kind, a new analysis by the Urban Institute and Decentralization & Local Governmence (DeLoG) takes stock of local government contributions to health and education goals by considering a wider view of local public actors.


2014 Highlights 

Accessing Land in African Cities

IDG  Event, November 2014: In a place where land is scarce and expensive, how do urban migrants access land for their own use and welfare? And what does this mean for governments? Urban invited expert researchers Loren Landau and Caroline Wanjiku Kihato to discuss their recent findings.

Remarks for Global South-South Development Expo 2014

IDG  News, November 2014: How do different governance conditions contribute to better public services, and how can growing cities learn from each other’s experiences? The Urban Institute’s Charles Cadwell spoke at last month’s Global South-South Development Expo in Washington, DC, where he shared new insights and perspectives from Urban’s Center on International Development and Governance.

Dynamic Cities: What role do urban local governments play in improving urban service delivery performance in Africa and Asia?

IDG  Research, November 2014: With support from the International Growth Center, the Urban Institute is launching a multi-country study to explore how urban service delivery outcomes are driven or constrained by institutional dimensions of the local government system.

Baltimore Sun features Urban's Charles Cadwell & Mark Goldberg on climate policy and development

IDG  News, October 2014: Are we at a turning point for climate policy and development? Cadwell and Goldberg highlight a long overdue move to align our international development priorities with the realities of climate change, a shift that could trigger sweeping policy changes around the world.

Urban Launches Research on Strengthening Local Government Responses to Displacement in Africa

IDG  Research, September 2014: Urban is developing a practical assessment tool to inform urban and humanitarian agency leaders about shared priorities around human displacement and migration. This project responds to a growing awareness among the humanitarian community that almost half of the world’s refugees and displaced people live outside of camps, primarily in urban centers.

Local Costs and Global Benefits: Engaging Stakeholders in Climate Change Projects 

IDG  Research, June 2014: The massive global interest in climate change has not translated to sufficient attention to the implementation process of climate change projects. Particularly in countries already besieged by frail regulatory and institutional frameworks. Climate mitigation and adaptation projects by nature are long term commitments.

Improving Local Health Systems for Global Health Results 

IDG Event, June 2014: The "inclusive development" focus of the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals presents an opportunity to more effectively localize health interventions and strengthen global health results by bringing together the knowledge and expertise from two different communities of practice—health services and decentralized local governance.

What Drives Urban Service Delivery Performance in Africa?  

IDG Research, April 2014: The Urban Institute is engaged in an assessment of urban service delivery for solid waste management, water supply and urban sanitation across Africa. This study applies Urban's newly developed Urban Service Delivery Assessment Framework to 18 cities in 6 African countries.

Urban Institute Launches a Framework for Assessing Urban Service Delivery

IDG News, April 2014: To better understand why some urban local governments are more successful in delivering urban services than others, the Urban Institute Center on International Development and Governance has developed a framework for assessing urban service delivery.

Urban Institute is Awarded Grant to Promote Increased Finance for Pro-Poor Urban Sanitation 

IDG News, January 2014: With support from Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP), the Urban Institute will implement a two-year study to analyze the state of urban sanitation in three African cities (Nakuru, Ga West, and Maputo).

Local Governments Working for a Brighter Future for all Kosovo Citizens 

IDG Project Update, November 2013: The Urban Institute provides five implementation suggestions to USAID's Urban Policy: Three years older than South Sudan, Kosovo is the second-youngest nation in the world and faces many challenges in its progress toward joining the ranks of the developed nations of Europe.


2013 Highlights

Turning a Policy into Practice: Five Steps to Implementing USAID Urban Policy 

IDG Research, October 2013: The Urban Institute provides five implementation suggestions to USAID's Urban Policy, "Sustainable Service Delivery in an Increasingly Urbanized World," and discusses research areas for long-term sustainability.

Urban service delivery performance in South Asia: what causes better service delivery outcomes? 

IDG Research, October 2013: The Urban Institute explores the provision of urban public services in South Asia and analyzes the impact of different fiscal and institutional constraints on the provision of urban public services in South Asian countries.

Urban Institute's Local Public Sector Initiative Branches Out Into Health and Education

IDG News, September 2013: With support from the Development Partner Working Group on Decentralization and Local Governance, Urban is building on Local Puplic-Sector Initiative’s initial findings by analyzing the role of the local public sector on global development outcomes in health and education.

Delegation from Ethiopia's House of Federation Visits Urban Institute

IDG News, August 2013: On August 23, 2013, a delegation from Ethiopia's House of Federation visited the Urban Institute as part of a three week-long study visit to the United States.

The Role of the Local Public Sector in Achieving Sustainable Development: Does More Spending at the Local Level Result in Better Development Outcomes?

IDG Research, July 2013: With support from USAID, the Urban Institute completes a detailed analysis of local public-sector finances in 10 developing countries.

Effective Multi-level Governance for Improved Development Results

IDG News, June 2013: The eighth annual meeting of the Development Partners Working Group on Decentralization and Local Governance (DeLoG) was held on June 4–6, 2013.

Assessing Budget Transparency in Subnational Governments: Findings from Brazil, Indonesia, and Tanzania

IDG Seminar, May 2013: There is a wide international support for the idea that transparent budgeting is a good thing. In this light, the International Budget Partnership developed a pilot methodology for assessing subnational budget transparency based on its global Open Budget Index approach. Its partners in Brazil, Indonesia, and Tanzania have implemented the pilot methodology.

Peacebuilding and Local Governance

IDG News, May 2013: The Urban Institute teams up regularly with The Hague Academy for Local Governance, based in the Netherlands, on its Peacebuilding and Local Governance course.

The Post-2015 Global Development Agenda: Addressing Inequalities and Fostering Inclusive Growth

IDG Seminar, April 2013: What will replace the Millennium Development Goals after their 2015 deadline?  IDG hosted a panel discussion with representatives from USAID, UNCDF, and Save the Children on the state of the post-2015 global development agenda, the importance of equity, and inclusiveness in the formulation of new development targets. 

How Can the Post-2015 Development Goals Address Inequalities and Foster Inclusive Growth?

IDG News, March 2013: The UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) together with UNDP and UN Department Economic and Social Affairs convened a workshop in New York City on how the post-2015 global development agenda can address inequalities and foster inclusive growth. Urban's Jamie Boex made important contributions to the discussions.