Proposed Changes in Reconciliation Bill Would Expand Universal Free Meals but Might Complicate K–12 Funding

Adopting a measure of student poverty that does not hinge on school meal applications would allow states to prioritize getting free meals to all students without the fear of losing data that helps target resources for low-income students.

What Free Community College Means for Students Who Already Have It

The first-dollar design ensures all students receive similar benefits and that any existing grant aid can be preserved to cover students’ living expenses.

School Boundaries Can Cause Unnecessary Segregation: A Case Study in Illinois

Often, school boundary lines align with residential segregation previously enforced by redlining or restrictive covenants.

Making Free Community College Work in Every State

Finding the right combination of parameters to fund free community college can maximize participation among states and avoid penalizing states that already have low tuition.

What Better Data Reveal about Pell Grants and College Prices

Policies that reduce living expenses for college students could be the most effective at addressing college affordability for low-income students.

How Will the New Pell Grant Formula Affect Students?

Pell simplification policies could improve educational outcomes for students from low-income families

Using a Consensus-Style Approach to Synthesize the Evidence on the Effects of the COVID-19 Crisis on Young Children and Early Care and Education Programs

How can policymaking build a stronger early childhood education system that meets the needs of all children, families, programs, and teachers?

States Have an Opportunity to Strengthen College Grant Aid Programs

The COVID-19 crisis creates a unique opportunity for policymakers to strengthen their states’ grant programs.

Demand for Universal Preschool Could Exceed the American Families Plan Target

The American Families Plan includes a historic investment in young children and public education that aims for universal preschool and broad access, especially for children of color and children from families with low incomes. But truly universal preschool may require an even larger investment.

A More Targeted Approach to Student Loan Forgiveness

Pell-based forgiveness would disproportionately benefit Black borrower and would also target borrowers less likely to have family resources to rely on.