Despite Eviction Moratoriums, Families Are Struggling to Pay for Housing. Federal Relief Is Needed.

Low-income families are struggling to afford rent, utilities, and other basic needs.

What Can Disability Services Teach Schools about Reopening?

Disability services offer lessons on how to adapt and engage families during the pandemic.

Declining School Enrollment Spells Trouble for Education Funding

Enrollment declines come at a time when state budgets are tightening and broad cuts to K–12 education funding are on the table.

The Student Loan Pause has Improved Credit Scores, But Not Financial Distress

Early evidence from credit data suggests the student loan pause has improved student loan borrowers’ credit records.

Why Forgive Student Debt?

It is difficult to justify picking student loans as the most problematic form of debt.

Extending Student Loan Relief during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Focusing assistance on those who have been particularly affected by the pandemic could help buy time to implement a permanent solution.

“Equal” K–12 State Funding Cuts Could Disproportionately Harm Low-Income Students

New research finds that any reduction in K–12 funding harms students’ academic and labor market outcomes.

Teaching Through the COVID-19 Crisis

As districts make decisions about this fall, consideration must be given to how plans can support teachers and their well-being through the pandemic.

Is Student Loan Forgiveness an Effective Form of Economic Stimulus?

Evidence shows canceling student debt outright is a weak strategy for fiscal stimulus.

Families of Children with Disabilities Will Need Support beyond the Pandemic

Parents of young children with disabilities are experiencing higher rates of stress, depression, and anxiety than other parents.