What Would Forgiving Student Debt Mean for the Federal Budget?

Cancelling student debt has no immediate impact on the national debt, but will gradually increase the national debt in the long-term.

More Children Are Missing Kindergarten. Without Policymakers’ Support, Their Futures Could Be in Jeopardy.

New data show 17 percent of parents are waiting to enroll their children in kindergarten during the pandemic, nearly triple the amount who waited to enroll in 2010.

How Diverse Is Your Economics Department?

The underrepresentation of Black undergraduates is concerning because economics largely informs policies that shape Black communities

Three Things for the New Administration to Know about How Young Children Are Weathering the Pandemic

Quick and comprehensive intervention can help ensure young children are not playing catch-up for the rest of their lives.

Why Segregation between School Districts Matters

The potential for a school’s racial and ethnic diversity is directly limited by the racial and ethnic makeup of its local public school system.

Working Parents Are Relying on Others to Help with Their Children’s Distance Learning. But Who’s Helping the Helpers?

15 million parents with school-age children engaged in remote learning report that no adult in their household had moved to telework because of the pandemic.

Despite Eviction Moratoriums, Families Are Struggling to Pay for Housing. Federal Relief Is Needed.

Low-income families are struggling to afford rent, utilities, and other basic needs.

What Can Disability Services Teach Schools about Reopening?

Disability services offer lessons on how to adapt and engage families during the pandemic.

Declining School Enrollment Spells Trouble for Education Funding

Enrollment declines come at a time when state budgets are tightening and broad cuts to K–12 education funding are on the table.

The Student Loan Pause has Improved Credit Scores, But Not Financial Distress

Early evidence from credit data suggests the student loan pause has improved student loan borrowers’ credit records.