Extending Student Loan Relief during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Focusing assistance on those who have been particularly affected by the pandemic could help buy time to implement a permanent solution.

“Equal” K–12 State Funding Cuts Could Disproportionately Harm Low-Income Students

New research finds that any reduction in K–12 funding harms students’ academic and labor market outcomes.

Teaching Through the COVID-19 Crisis

As districts make decisions about this fall, consideration must be given to how plans can support teachers and their well-being through the pandemic.

Is Student Loan Forgiveness an Effective Form of Economic Stimulus?

Evidence shows canceling student debt outright is a weak strategy for fiscal stimulus.

Families of Children with Disabilities Will Need Support beyond the Pandemic

Parents of young children with disabilities are experiencing higher rates of stress, depression, and anxiety than other parents.

For Students of Color, Remote Learning Environments Pose Multiple Challenges

The legacy of racism may be more visible during the pandemic, but it operates all the time, making it harder for Black and brown children to succeed in school and learn at home.

Racial Equity in Higher Education Starts in the Admissions Office

New data show that Black and Hispanic students are overrepresented at less selective public and private colleges and drastically underrepresented at more selective institutions.

Even before the Pandemic, Students with Limited Technology Access Lagged behind Their Peers

Data show students without internet or computer access are already behind academically.

The Federal Government Can Help Ward Off a College Enrollment Crisis

By helping students pay their tuition next year, the federal government can help make sure more of them are able to make the investment on which their futures depend.

Helping Low-Income College Students Requires Action from Institutions and Policymakers

The COVID-19 crisis puts into stark relief the fragility of the system for the students with most need.