Community of Practice

Measure4Change hosts a community of practice for nonprofit evaluation staff that meets quarterly with over 30 nonprofits from the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. This series of seminars creates learning opportunities and exposes nonprofits to the tools they need to build their performance measurement programs. The sessions also make performance measurement more accessible by helping nonprofit leaders learn from their peers and understand the range of performance management practices, where they fit into that continuum, and how they can advance their own programs. Topics covered include the following:

  • Developing logic models and results frameworks
  • Building a high-performance culture around measurement and evaluation
  • Displaying data and data visualization
  • Survey design
  • Communicating data to clients
  • Performance management and measurement software
  • Working with secondary data, and making use of mapping (GIS) tools

The Measure4Change community of practice is for nonprofits in the greater DC region that want to increase their understanding and practice of performance measurement, management, and evaluation. Members of the community of practice are most commonly the people responsible for data and evaluation within an organization, although this role takes the form of various position titles and department affiliations.

For those seeking to join the community of practice, the process begins with an initial vetting call to better understand the needs of your organization and state of interest and engagement in performance measurement, management, and evaluation. If you would like to join this community of practice, please contact