Data for Inclusive Recovery

These data and tools offer indicators that measure the state of recovery in cities across the United States to identify opportunities for improvement.

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Where Low-Income Jobs Are Being Lost to COVID-19
March 2021

This tool provides monthly updates on the places and industries most at risk to COVID-19 related job losses.


Tracking Resident Credit Health During COVID-19
February 2021

These city-level resources examine data on credit scores, delinquencies, and credit use from 2010 to 2020 to show changes in city residents’ credit health and disparities by race after the Great Recession and during the COVID-19 pandemic. The insights help decisionmakers understand how residents are coping and what supports are needed during the pandemic to support an inclusive economic recovery.


The Unequal Commute
October 2020

This feature presents metrics that analyze transportation equity for neighborhoods (approximated with census block groups) within four metropolitan regions: Baltimore, Maryland; Lansing, Michigan; Nashville, Tennessee; and Seattle, Washington. 


Measuring Inclusion in America’s Cities
September 2020

Use our dashboard to explore national trends and city rankings on economic, racial, and overall inclusion.


Where to Prioritize Emergency Rental Assistance to Keep Renters in Their Homes
August 2020

This tool estimates the level of rental assistance need in a census tract by measuring the prevalence of low-income renters who are at risk of experiencing housing instability and homelessness.


The COVID-19 Pandemic’s Effect on Small Business Credit Standing
June 2021

The economic health of small businesses is crucial to catalyzing inclusive economic recovery in cities. Evidence on the pandemic’s negative impact on small business revenues have received attention, but the effect on credit standing has yet to be analyzed. An analysis of monthly small business delinquency and default data for eight cities provides a clearer picture of the pandemic’s impact on small business activity and the effectiveness of relief policies.