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Postsecondary Education and Training Program

Despite the US postsecondary education system’s success in providing a growing and diverse student population with a range of opportunity, much remains to be done. Funding difficulties, the evolving needs of the economy, and the changing characteristics of postsecondary students require policy changes to support 21st century students. Constructive policy reform requires a strong evidence base. The Urban Institute’s Postsecondary Education and Training Program contributes to the research and policy analysis that helps ensure postsecondary opportunity and success.

The US postsecondary education system plays a critical role in the economic stability of families and the country. Yet the current system is not meeting students’, employers’, or the economy’s needs. Our country must strengthen and streamline higher education financing, which currently combines federal, state, and local government aid with a growing reliance on student and family contributions, to adequately address needs. Improving student success in accessing quality postsecondary education and training and reaching education and career goals will require significant policy change.

The Urban Institute conducts original, independent research and analysis on higher education finance, workforce development, and community colleges that address these challenges and are relevant to policymakers and practitioners.

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