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Elevating the 2020 Debate


Few events offer more opportunity to elevate the debate than a presidential campaign.

As candidates offer ideas to tackle our country’s pressing policy challenges, the Urban Institute’s scholars apply data and analytic tools to deepen public understanding of their potential impacts.

Who benefits and who is disadvantaged under a new proposal? Do projections find it could solve problems as intended? What outcome would it achieve—and at what cost?

Urban seeks to cut through the noise of the election cycle with facts and clarity.


Illustration by Brittney Spinner

Urban’s Role in Campaigns and Elections

Urban experts take extra care to ensure we remain a trusted source for reliable analysis while honoring our commitment to independence.

Where the 2020 Presidential Candidates Stand on Tax Policy

How would the 2020 presidential candidates change the tax code? TPC experts dig into the details of candidates’ latest proposals.


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