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Making Sense of New Evidence on Private School Vouchers

The Trump administration has made school choice a pillar of its education agenda. What can we learn about school choice from the states and cities already trying it?

Louisiana is one of several states that has established a publicly funded private school choice program. Early results showing large negative effects on test scores generated significant controversy. The third year of results from the Louisiana Scholarship Program will be released on June 26. Join the Urban Institute’s Education Policy Program in conversation with Louisiana state superintendent of education John White and a panel of school choice experts as we discuss the latest findings from Louisiana and what it means for the future of private school vouchers in the Bayou State and around the country.  



  • Beth Blaufuss, President, Archbishop Carroll High School
  • Matthew Chingos, Director, Education Policy Program, Urban Institute
  • Douglas Harris, Director, Education Research Alliance for New Orleans
  • John White, Louisiana State Superintendent of Education
  • Patrick Wolf, Professor and 21st Century Chair in School Choice, University of Arkansas 
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Date & Time Monday, June 26, 2017
Urban Institute 2100 M Street NW
5th floor
Washington , DC , 20037
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  • Vice President, Education Data and Policy