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How Can Retail Businesses Help Frontline Workers Advance?

The pandemic fundamentally changed the retail industry, requiring businesses to rethink the way they serve customers, keep their doors open, and compete for talent. Join the Urban Institute for a virtual discussion exploring how some retail businesses have invested in frontline workers in ways that help the business more agilely adapt to the new normal. Our discussion will focus on how retailers support the advancement of the frontline retail workforce, how the pandemic is changing the retail sector, and how talent strategies can help make businesses more adaptable and resilient. We will discuss business culture, advancement strategies, and the metrics companies use to plan and assess their talent development approaches, highlighting insights from the recently released report Moving Up: Talent Strategies for Retail Businesses to Help Frontline Workers Advance.   



  • Gayatri Agnew, Senior Director,
  • Orlando Cazarez, Senior Program Manager, Workforce Development, Center for the Future of Arizona
  • Kristy Jones, Manager of Leadership Development Programs, Meijer 
  • Molly M. Scott, Principal Research Associate, Income and Benefits Policy Center, Urban Institute 
  • Tiffany Shipper, Senior Manager of Human Resources, Best Buy
  • Shayne Spaulding, Senior Fellow, Income and Benefits Policy Center, Urban Institute 


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Date & Time Monday, June 28, 2021

  • Principal Research Associate
    Director, Retail Opportunity Network
  • Senior Fellow
    Managing Director, CTE CoLab