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Harnessing Credit Bureau Data for Research: Boomerang Buyers and Strategic Defaulters

Michele Raneri and Ken Brevoort are two of the foremost experts in using credit bureau data for research. Raneri gave a brief introduction on the strengths and limitations of credit bureau data for research. She then applied the data to better understand boomerang buyers—those who lost their homes to foreclosure but become homeowners again—by comparing their defining characteristics and subsequent behavior to those who lost their homes and remained renters. She also applied the data to strategic defaulters and looked at their subsequent behavior. Brevoort focused on how long it takes borrowers’ credit scores to recover after foreclosure, and what foreclosure means for subsequent home purchases.



  • Ken Brevoort, section chief, credit information and policy group, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • Michele Raneri, vice president for analytics and business development, Experian
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Date & Time Wednesday, March 30, 2016
Urban Institute 2100 M Street NW
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Washington , DC , 20037
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