Reed D. Gelzer
Intermittent Senior Fellow
Health Policy Center
The opportunity to support Urban’s engagement in critical health infrastructure provides a very welcome rigorous professional environment. It’s a splendid place for my long-standing and ongoing, long-term research in analyzing complex systems and collaborating on effective, practical solutions. Our depth and breadth in interrelated initiatives assures stakeholders will receive practical solutions that uniquely account for diverse interests.

Reed D. Gelzer is an intermittent senior fellow in the Health Policy Center at the Urban Institute. His research focuses on production-ready electronic health records (EHR) systems solutions for audit-enabled data accuracy and records authenticity requirements. His research spans EHR usability, clinical utility and safety, and state and federal business records requirements, in addition to US law, litigation, and regulatory support, including internal and external audit supports. He frequently presents on EHR data quality variation, systems improvement, and risk mitigation for clinical and legal audiences, regulatory entities, and insurers.

Before his current position, Gelzer practiced general medicine in an underserved rural community and cofounded a charitable health clinic. After transitioning into technology solutions, he’s served military-, public-, and private-sector clients through his consulting firm, Trustworthy EHR, LLC, and under federal contracts. He also serves as compliance director for MPower Me, LLC, eliminating barriers for intellectually and developmentally disabled people. Gelzer has volunteered for industry collaboratives on EHR standards development, for designing EHR legal process guidelines, and designing assessment protocols for EHRs as clinical and business records systems. Gelzer is also a partner for Registry Clearinghouse, LLC, a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services–approved Quality Reporting Document Architecture registry, and is a litigation consultant for the US Attorneys Office for the Southern District of Iowa.

Gelzer received his BA in political science and Asian studies from Michigan State University, his master’s in public health policy and administration from the University of Michigan, and his MD from Wayne State University.

Research Areas
Crime, justice, and safety
Economic mobility and inequality
Health and health care
Nonprofits and philanthropy
Social safety net
Race and equity
Pay for success
Racial barriers to accessing the safety net
Racial inequities in economic mobility
Racial inequities in health