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Rachel Lewin
Librarian I
Librarianship is an extension of the traditional helping professions: when I help colleagues access information they need, it helps them present suggestions and solutions to lawmakers regarding problems that affect us. So while I serve a different population than those working in a school or public library, my work at Urban still creates positive change.

Rachel Lewin is the librarian at the Urban Institute. Her role is to coordinate electronic and print resources to ensure researchers have access to the data and information needed for their work.

Before joining Urban, Lewin was an acquisitions librarian at the Educational Research Information Center, a project of the Institute of Education Sciences at the US Department of Education. She is active in the Public Policy Section of the Special Libraries Association, where she frequently blogs on various topics related to electronic and print resources for public and social policy research.

Lewin has a BA in psychology from Touro College and an MLS from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.