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Nicholas W. Crockett
Former employee
I have always been fascinated by the complexity of people, which drew me to the field of psychology and, eventually, human resources. I strive to use my understanding of how people and groups function to improve individuals’ work lives and organizations’ operations. I was drawn to Urban by the opportunity and challenge to work at an organization with some of the most intelligent people in their fields. Our work can greatly affect people’s lives, and I could not resist the opportunity to join such an organization.

Nick Crockett is the special projects coordinator in the Human Resources (HR) department at the Urban Institute. He leads multiple projects that cover a wide range of subjects, including affirmative action, HR business systems, and HR metrics & analytics. He also coordinates and plans the monthly administrative roundtable program.

Before joining Urban, Crockett recruited for the Alexandria City Public Schools. He earned his MA in human resources management from the George Washington University and is a certified professional in human resources.