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Melissa Koide

Melissa Koide

Nonresident Fellow


Melissa Koide is a nonresident fellow in the executive office at the Urban Institute, where she focuses on consumer financial services and the role of technology and data in financial offerings and financial regulation. She also leads a nonprofit innovation center that leverages technology solutions to address regulatory goals, achieve public policy aspirations, and drive the financial sector toward an efficient and inclusive financial marketplace.

Before joining Urban, Koide was deputy assistant secretary for consumer policy at the US Treasury Department, where she developed and executed consumer policies in credit, student loans, payments, and savings. She helped build the first government-offered preretirement savings product, and she established the $5 million Innovation Fund to support research and strategies to improve consumers’ financial health and their access to safe and affordable financial products and services.

Koide previously was the vice president for policy at the Center for Financial Services Innovation.


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