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Melanie Langness

Melanie Langness

Policy Analyst


Melanie Langness is a policy analyst in the Urban Institute’s Justice Policy Center. She works on the Victimization and Juvenile Justice team. Langness’s research focuses on analyzing systems of violence and harm while centering a community-conscious and trauma-informed lens. Her recent research includes a national scan of trauma-informed care and victim services for incarcerated women, an evaluation of an abusive partner intervention program, and ongoing technical capacity-building work with victim service organizations in Washington, DC. Langness is a mixed-methods researcher with experience in surveying, qualitative coding, community-engaged methods, and narrative work.

Before coming to Urban, Langness worked on campus sexual assault issues, researched domestic violence policy, and studied the spatial manifestations of social injustices as she earned her degree at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She graduated from UNC with highest distinction and honors as a Morehead-Cain scholar with a bachelor of arts in political science and double minors in public policy and art history.