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Lorraine C. Washington

Lorraine C. Washington

Senior Contracts Administrator

In the contracting world, there's never a dull moment. In order to be productive, you have to plan your day-to-day tasks, be organized, understand policies and procedures, know what your priority is, and at all times fulfill researchers' needs—for the end result of satisfying our client base. This is what I strive for daily, along with the mindset to contribute to the success of a progressive, growth-oriented company by providing government contracting knowledge, establishing objectives, and using my communication skills and problem-solving abilities to concur proficiency.


Lorraine Washington is a senior contracts administrator in the Office of Grants, Contracts, Purchasing, & Pricing at the Urban Institute. She joined Urban in 1989 as a staff assistant and was later promoted to an administrative assistant, a contract specialist, and now a senior contracts administrator, having accrued many years of government contracting and financial administration and management experience. Washington currently plays a vital role overseeing contracts administration and management for the Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy, the Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center, and the Statistical Methods Group.

Washington is a long-term member of the National Contract Management Association. She obtained a diploma in acquisition and contract management from Strayer University, graduating cum laude in 2005, and a master’s certificate in government contracting from the George Washington University in 2013.


Office of Grants, Contracts, Purchasing and Pricing