Lisa Foster
Senior Internal Communications Specialist

Lisa Foster comes from both traditional and new media backgrounds and is proficient writing for responsive websites, apps, emails, blogs, brochures, marketing collateral, glossy magazines, quarterly journals, press releases, social media, audio scripts, and more. At the Urban Institute, she is a senior internal communications specialist in the Office of Human Resources. Among her core duties at Urban are writing and producing the biweekly employee e-newsletter InFocus and the monthly e-newsletter Learning Digest and managing the HR intranet website.

Lisa considers herself a hybrid talent, as she has worked not only as a copywriter, but also as a content manager, web producer, and communications consultant and strategist at several well-known companies in Seattle, Milwaukee, San Francisco, Omaha, Munich, and more.

Working in the for-profit, nonprofit, and public sectors, she has created or produced content for Creighton University (her most previous employer and alma mater), the Washington State Department of Health, the University of Washington, Kaiser Permanente, Amazon, Expedia, and many others.