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John Goddeeris

John Goddeeris

Nonresident Fellow


John Goddeeris is a nonresident fellow in the Health Policy Center at the Urban Institute. He is a professor of economics at Michigan State University, where, for more than 35 years, he has taught and done research primarily in the economics of health care and public economics. His research has been published widely in journals in economics, medicine, public health, and health policy. In recent years, Goddeeris has done significant quantitative research on understanding disparities in infant mortality. He has long-standing interests in health insurance and health care finance, and current interests include analyzing the effects of the Affordable Care Act in the individual market for insurance.

At Michigan State University, Goddeeris has been director of graduate studies, chairperson in the Department of Economics, and associate dean of the College of Social Science. He has previously been a visiting scholar at the Congressional Budget Office and has been a consultant to several government and nonprofit organizations. In fall 2016, he was in residence at the Urban Institute as a visiting scholar. Goddeeris received his BA from the University of Michigan and his PhD from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, both in economics.