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DaQuan Lawrence

DaQuan Lawrence

Project Administrator

As an egalitarian, I reject all accepted notions of social and political inequality, and I believe all people deserve equal and equitable cultural, economic, social, and political rights and opportunities. Interested in human rights and public policy, both domestic and international, I am drawn to serving all members of society and contributing to Urban’s work, which exists at the nexus of economic and social policy research.


DaQuan Lawrence is a project administrator for the Health Policy Center at the Urban Institute, where he provides administrative, operational, and financial support to the center’s operations team. He assists with policy papers and reports, project budgeting, task management, proposal development, website management, and general office administration. Lawrence also provides administrative support for the Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee’s Communications and Research Subcommittee.

Before coming to Urban, Lawrence was a graduate student researcher focused on human rights research and international public policy, and he has experience working in Indonesia investigating palm oil production; in Haiti and the Dominican Republic on migration, displacement, and statelessness; and in Liberia as a youth and urban poverty intern who worked with vulnerable women and ex–combatant youth on disaster risk reduction, urban poverty, and postconflict and postdisaster recovery.

Outside of Urban, Lawrence is cofounder and chairman of Strong Men Overcoming Obstacles Through Hardwork (SMOOTH) Inc., a nonprofit which aims to educate, develop, empower, and organize young men to improve their graduation and retention rates during their public school or college matriculation.

Lawrence holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology, with a minor in philosophy and criminal justice, from Morgan State University and received his master’s degree in international public policy from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, where he specialized in international relations, economics, and law.

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