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  • Overview
  • Part 1: Introduction
  • What Are Registered Apprenticeship Programs?
  • What Are National Occupational Frameworks?
  • What Is the Value of the Frameworks?
  • How Are the Frameworks Created?
  • Part 2: Using National Occupational Frameworks
  • Step 1: Prepare to Use a Framework
  • Step 2: Map Major Job Functions and Competencies
  • Step 3: Build the Related Technical Instruction
  • Next Steps for Program Development and Registration
  • Part 3: Getting Started
  • About the Guide
  • Part 1: Introduction

    This section of the guide provides brief background on registered apprenticeship programs and then describes the National Occupational Frameworks (NOFs), including what information you can find in the NOFs, the value of the frameworks, and how they are created.