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Registered Apprenticeship program sponsors must comply with US Department of Labor (DOL) regulations on Equal Employment Opportunity. The rules set expectations for sponsors related to apprentices’ recruitment and training. Although the EEO rules may appear complicated, they are similar or identical to many employers’ existing practices, policies, and legal requirements and help ensure programs access and retain diverse talent. This fact sheet is a quick guide to help clarify EEO regulations for sponsors.

What to Know before You EEO

Determining apprentice compensation is a key part of every apprenticeship program. Wage schedules set an apprentice’s compensation as they progress and gain skills through the apprenticeship. This fact sheet provides guidance for apprenticeship program sponsors and employers by reviewing important elements of wage schedules, sharing examples, and offering tips. By setting an appropriate wage progression, programs can reward apprentices for gaining skills, motivate them to gain competencies, and prepare them for all parts of an occupation.

Setting Wages in Your Registered Apprenticeship Program