The voice of Urban Institute's researchers and staff

Latinos and African Americans: Shared experiences, shared solutions

How to stop the cycle of disadvantage and exclusion of Latino communities

McJobs are not in our future

Fears of the domination of low-wage, low-skill jobs are overblown

One solution to racial wealth inequities

Concrete solutions to close the wealth gap faced by people of color

Local may be the way to go with minimum wage policies

What we have to learn from LA's minimum wage increase

Tackling the legacy of neighborhood segregation

No silver-bullet solution can address decades of neighborhood segregation, but working on multiple fronts could

The weak housing market recovery in Baltimore has hurt African Americans the most

Promising solutions to lower barriers to homeownership for people of color

"Traditional" college students are not disappearing

Despite alternative narratives, most college students are still young and full-time students

High-poverty schools undermine education for children of color

Why desegregating public schools could bring so much benefit to children of color

Creating employment opportunities for low-income African American men

Many structural barriers stand between low-income black men and employment. Some promising ways to reduce them

Weaving a more secure, connected web to help families thrive

Making existing services work better to lower barriers to success for low-income communities

From Protest to Policy


From Protest to Policy

Our researchers offer evidence-based solutions to some of the problems faced by poor, mostly minority communities in Baltimore and other US cities.


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