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Using evidence to help Detroit tackle its housing recovery challenges

How do we ensure that Detroit not only recovers, but is transformed into a place where every resident can thrive?

Is Detroit’s “Rehabbed and Ready” program the answer to the city’s appraisal problem?

This public-private partnership has the potential to increase traditional sales in a housing market otherwise dominated by distressed property sales.

Medicaid expansion could make health insurance affordable for 5.6 million

Many Americans fall into the assistance gap: too rich for Medicaid, but too poor for discounted private insurance in the ACA marketplaces.

Could permit to purchase laws help prevent the next mass shooting?

Permit to purchase laws require that firearm buyers obtain a license before purchasing certain types of firearms.

What David Brooks gets wrong about mass incarceration

Brooks concludes that "harsh laws are not the main driver behind mass incarceration." The reality is a bit more complex.

LGBTQ youth locked in a cycle between the justice system and the streets

Many of the youth who depend on survival sex often committed crimes because they were homeless and couldn’t meet their basic needs.

Prison programming works. So why do we have so little?

VICE’s recent documentary on mass incarceration shows how prison programming can help inmates succeed. But many don’t actually get to participate.

A new way to pay for prevention

Pay for success financing shifts risk from the government agency to funders, removing the disincentives to invest in a preventive program.

Using housing policy tools to build ladders to the middle class

Because place is so closely tied to opportunity, housing policy can be an effective strategy for promoting upward mobility.

Federal spending on children: What’s up? What’s down?

Spending on K-12 education, early education and care, nutrition and social services fell in 2014, while spending on children's health increased.

Visualizing Housing Policy’s Impact on Inequality


Visualizing Housing Policy’s Impact on Inequality

Housing subsidies reduce income inequality, while the mortgage interest and real estate tax deductions increase it.

From Protest to Policy


From Protest to Policy

Our researchers offer evidence-based solutions to some of the problems faced by poor, mostly minority communities in Baltimore and other US cities.


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