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The rent is high all over, including a neighborhood near you

A new interactive tool explores lack of rental affordability in US neighborhoods

Putting evidence first: Learning from the Rikers Island social impact bond

Why the failure of the Rikers Island deal doesn't mean doom for pay for success

Can the mortgage market handle the surge in minority homeownership?

Policy failures will make it difficult for many minorities to move into homeownership

An important point we tend to miss about lowering international trade barriers

Lowering trade barriers has the potential - if not the guarantee - to make everyone better off

Let’s leverage growth to build inclusive neighborhoods in cities and suburbs alike

The nation’s most- and least-advantaged neighborhoods are separated by income, assets, and educational attainment

Economic analysis is at the heart of the Supreme Court’s opinion upholding the Affordable Care Act subsidies

The Court recognized the importance of preserving the integrity of health care markets

From Protest to Policy


From Protest to Policy

Our researchers offer evidence-based solutions to some of the problems faced by poor, mostly minority communities in Baltimore and other US cities.


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