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What defines a “city”?

City rankings always attract attention, but readers should step back and fully understand what is being measured in each case.

Better supporting state economic development

For state and local leaders, two fast-approaching deadlines will mean a wider range of interest in economic development programs than usual.

Why you should care that private investors don’t want to buy your mortgage anymore

If securitization remains purely backed by government, it could restrict mortgage lending for all borrowers, even those with pristine credit.

Does financial coaching help people reach their financial goals?

In a new study, participants offered financial coaching had an average debt reduction of $10,644 more than those who were not offered services.

Financial coaching: a new method for improving financial wellbeing

Coaching helps people across the income spectrum set goals and plan concrete steps to meet intermediate- and long-term financial goals.

Rehabilitation, not victimization

Inmates have a fundamental right to personal safety, and anything contrary to that violates their constitutionally and statutorily granted rights.

How public servants have helped expand housing mobility

We often caricaturize bureaucrats, but their knowledge, expertise, and dedication are central to the good work being done in the public sector.

Using evidence to help Detroit tackle its housing recovery challenges

How do we ensure that Detroit not only recovers, but is transformed into a place where every resident can thrive?

Is Detroit’s “Rehabbed and Ready” program the answer to the city’s appraisal problem?

This public-private partnership has the potential to increase traditional sales in a housing market otherwise dominated by distressed property sales.

Medicaid expansion could make health insurance affordable for 5.6 million

Many Americans fall into the assistance gap: too rich for Medicaid, but too poor for discounted private insurance in the ACA marketplaces.

Visualizing Housing Policy’s Impact on Inequality


Visualizing Housing Policy’s Impact on Inequality

Housing subsidies reduce income inequality, while the mortgage interest and real estate tax deductions increase it.

From Protest to Policy


From Protest to Policy

Our researchers offer evidence-based solutions to some of the problems faced by poor, mostly minority communities in Baltimore and other US cities.


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