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Amy Blackwood, Thomas H. Pollak, Kennard Wing

America's nonprofit sector continues to grow faster than its business sector or its government. The Nonprofit Almanac 2008 presents data on nonprofits' place in the national economy and trends in wages, employment, private giving, volunteering and finances. The tables and graphics will give scholars, practitioners, and policymakers the da [...]

Published: May 02, 2008More information on this title

Nonprofits and Business (Softcover Book)
Joseph J. Cordes, C. Eugene Steuerle

In this age of high-profile corporate foundations and socially responsible companies, the barrier between the nonprofit and business worlds is more permeable than ever. Nonprofits and Business assembles diverse researchers to examine nonprofits from commercial, economic, operational, and legal perspectives. As the government and the publi [...]

Published: December 19, 2008More information on this title

Elizabeth T. Boris, C. Eugene Steuerle

The past several decades have seen unprecedented growth in the scope and complexity of relationships between government and nonprofit organizations. These relationships have been more fruitful than many critics had feared and more problematic than many advocates had hoped. Nonprofits and Government is the first comprehensive, multidiscipl [...]

Published: October 03, 2006More information on this title

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