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We've posed five questions to the people behind the Urban Institute research. In traditional interview format, our experts talk about the nature of their work and offer insights on what they've learned.


On Children and Families

On Education

On Low Income Working Families

On Crime and Prisoners

On Employment

On Nonprofit Sector

On Cultural Vitality

On Governing

On Poverty and Economic Security

On Disaster Response and Recovery

On Health Policy and Reform

On Retirement and Social Security

On District of Columbia

On Housing and Homelessness

On Subprime Mortgage Crisis

On Economic and Fiscal Policy

On Immigrants

On Tax Policy

On Children and Families:

11/2/2011: Ajay Chaudry on how children of immigrants are changing the face of America’s metropolitan areas.

10/7/2010: Karina Fortuny on five key national and state characteristics of children of immigrants.

9/18/2009: Olivia Golden on Reforming Child Welfare and her time as former director of the District of Columbia's Child and Family Services Agency.

4/14/2008: Karin Martinson on Responsible Fatherhood Initiatives.

12/6/2007: Rosa Maria Castaneda on immigration raids and their effects on children and communities.

7/5/2007: Ajay Chaudry on child care for struggling families.

3/15/2007: Adam Carasso on federal spending for children's programs.

12/8/2006: Timothy Triplett on lessons learned from the National Survey of America's Families.

9/13/2006: Jennifer Macomber on vulnerable families and what's being done to protect the children.

8/7/2006: Genevieve Kenney on the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).

6/7/2006: Austin Nichols on child poverty rates.

4/28/2006: Gina Adams on child care subsidies for welfare-to-work parents.

10/8/2004: Olivia Golden on improving children's lives.

On Crime and Prisoners:

4/21/2011: Nancy La Vigne talks about justice reinvestment—a data-driven approach to criminal justice policies.

12/1/2009 (updated): Janine M. Zweig talks about steps to confront sexual violence in prisons. (Original posted on 1/17/2006.)

5/07/2008: Amy Solomon on helping people exiting jail return to their communities.

9/27/2007: John Roman on violent crime, prevention strategies, and effective criminal justice policy.

10/27/2004: Jeffrey A. Butts on Juvenile Drug Courts and Teen Substance Abuse.

On Cultural Vitality:

2/28/2007: Maria Rosario Jackson on cultural vitality.

On Disaster Response and Recovery:

8/7/2006: Bradford Gray on New Orleans-area hospitals after Hurricane Katrina.

5/24/2006: Margery Austin Turner on rebuilding New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

On District of Columbia:

8/4/2011: Jennifer Comey on the foreclosure crisis's effect on D.C. public school students.

2/2/2010: Kathy Pettit on the Washington, D.C., region's foreclosure crisis.

1/8/2008: Kathy Pettit on the sixth annual “Housing in the Nation's Capital” report.

12/8/2006: Peter A. Tatian on District of Columbia housing trends and challenges.

1/27/2005: Eric Twombly on nonprofits in the Washington, D.C. region that serve children and youth.

On Economic and Fiscal Policy:

4/1/2010: C. Eugene Steuerle on the nation's out-of-control deficits and the hard choices policymakers must make to put America back on a sound fiscal path.

9/10/2009: Robert Reischauer on reining in our massive federal deficits and why health reform is essential.

9/17/2008: Rudolph Penner on fiscal reform.

On Education:

12/29/09: Jane Hannaway on reforming the teaching profession.

On Employment:

5/26/2011: Demetra Smith Nightingale on Workforce Development Policy

1/20/2011: Robert Lerman on expanding apprenticeships to jumpstart employment and train job-seekers.

1/30/2009: Wayne Vroman on Ohio's unemployment insurance.

5/6/2005: Beatriz Chu Clewell on moving more women and minorities into science fields.

4/26/2005: Harry Holzer on jobs and workers.

3/1/2005: Pamela Loprest on disabilities and employment.

On Governing:

4/21/2010: Rob Santos on what trends we can expect and what challenges lie ahead for the Census Bureau.

7/17/2006: Olga Kaganova on managing government property.

7/6/2010: Erwin de Leon on moving beyond gross domestic product (GDP) as a country's sole measure of prosperity.

On Health Policy and Reform:

10/30/2009: Bowen Garrett on how coverage and costs will change over the next 10 years if America's health care system is not reformed.

6/15/2009: Sharon K. Long on Massachusetts's landmark health reform experiment.

3/05/2009: John Holahan on Health Care Reform.

9/6/2007: Linda Blumberg on the challenges of health care reform.

8/7/2006: Genevieve Kenney on the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).

9/26/2005: John Holahan on Medicaid reform.

12/22/2004: Robert Berenson on the trends and challenges in health care.

On Housing and Homelessness:

8/4/2011: Jennifer Comey on the foreclosure crisis's effect on D.C. public school students.

4/22/2009: Mary Cunningham on how to combat homelessness.

4/14/2005: Martha Burt on homelessness in America.

11/9/2004: Susan Popkin on relocated public housing residents.

On Immigrants:

12/6/2007: Rosa Maria Castaneda on immigration raids and their effects on children and communities.

4/12/2007: Everett Henderson on the foreign-born population in Arkansas.

5/13/2005: Randy Capps on the growing number of citizen children in immigrant families.

On Low Income Working Families:

10/25/2007: Marla McDaniel on racial disparities in the well-being of low-income families.

1/11/2006: Gregory Acs on low-income working families.

8/17/2005: Sheila Zedlewski on programs that assist low-income workers.

3/18/2005: Robert Lerman on new initiatives to help low-income families.

On Nonprofit Sector:

1/31/12: Joseph Rosenberg on tax policy and the nonprofit sector.

11/5/10: Elizabeth Boris on the flaws in government contracting with human service nonprofits.

7/13/2009: Thomas Pollak on local nonprofits' financial health.

7/19/2007: Francie Ostrower on nonprofit governance.

10/4/2006: Elizabeth Boris on the 10th anniversary of the Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy.

4/6/2006: Christy Visher on prisoners returning home.

2/16/2006: Elizabeth Reid on the increasing number of U.S. nonprofits.

On Poverty and Economic Security:

9/1/2010: Austin Nichols on how family incomes are becoming more precarious and unpredictable.

8/23/2006: Signe-Mary McKernan and Caroline Ratcliffe on the intersection between welfare policy changes and poverty trends.

On Retirement and Social Security:

2/22/2011 (updated): Richard Johnson on how retirement is changing. (Original posted on 6/19/2008.)

1/6/2007: Melissa Favreault on reducing poverty through Social Security.

7/25/2005: Rudolph Penner on proposals for individual savings accounts in Social Security.

11/22/2004: Richard Johnson on future retirees and Social Security.

On Subprime Mortgage Crisis:

7/10/2008: G. Thomas Kingsley on the subprime mortgage crisis.

2/1/2007: Edward Gramlich on the benefits and risks of the subprime mortgages offered to lower-income buyers.

On Tax Policy:

1/31/12: Joseph Rosenberg on tax policy and the nonprofit sector.

3/12/2011: Donald Marron on how cutting tax preferences is the key to tax reform.

5/18/2009: Rosanne Altshuler on tax reform and her experience as chief economist on President Bush's 2005 tax reform panel.

12/15/2008: Jeffrey Rohaly on tax modeling and other TPC analyses.

2/7/2008: Roberton Williams on the Tax Policy Briefing Book.

8/8/2007: Eric Toder on tax reform priorities and the social,economic and environmental ramifications of the tax system.

5/23/2006: Kim Rueben on why taxpayers should pay attention to state and local tax policy.

12/1/2005: Len Burman on tax reform.