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Our cross-cutting team of researchers examines the ways the aging of America will trigger changes in how we work, retire, and spend federal resources, from social security reform to retirement savings, working longer, and staying engaged.



Illinois’ State Pension Fails Public School Teachers

The debate over reforming Illinois’ struggling pension plan for public school teachers has focused on the system’s serious financial problems. Yet, most teachers receive few benefits from the existing plan, a shortcoming that deserves more attention. Read More

Do Short-Term Employees Benefit from State and Local Pensions?

Virtually all traditional defined benefit pension plans that cover state and local government employees require employee contributions. In half of those plans, employees must work at least 20 years before their future benefits are worth more than those contributions. Employees who separate earlier get nothing from their plan. Read more



Research Spotlight

Explore our interactive state and local pension report card that grades plans on benefit design and financing.


Key Questions about Retirement

How is retirement changing, how can workers prepare, and how can policymakers improve retirement security?


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