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Our cross-cutting team of researchers examines the ways the aging of America will trigger changes in how we work, retire, and spend federal resources, from social security reform to retirement savings, working longer, and staying engaged.



How Will Public School Teachers Fare under Rhode Island’s New Hybrid Pension Plan?

Rhode Island recently created a new retirement plan for state employees, including public school teachers, that reduces the traditional defined benefit pension and adds a defined contribution plan. Contrary to some published estimates, our projections show that most teachers will receive more retirement benefits from the new hybrid plan than they would have received under the old plan.

How Important Is Social Security Disability Insurance to U.S. Workers?

Efforts to address Social Security's financing problems should recognize the crucial support that the program provides to Americans with disabilities. Nearly half of those receiving Social Security disability benefits rely on the program for most of their family income. A fifth receive nearly all their income from the program. Read more


Research Spotlight

Only about 1 in 10 older Medicaid nursing home residents had more $100,000 in nonhousing wealth a decade or more before they were admitted to a nursing home.

Key Questions about Retirement

How is retirement changing, how can workers prepare, and how can policymakers improve retirement security?


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