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Our cross-cutting team of researchers examines the ways the aging of America will trigger changes in how we work, retire, and spend federal resources, from social security reform to retirement savings, working longer, and staying engaged.



Explaining Pennsylvania’s Pension Woes

We rank Pennsylvania’s pension plan for newly hired state employees as the third worst in the nation, because it is inadequately funded, it penalizes work at older ages, and it provides few retirement benefits to short-term employees. Various pension reforms could distribute pension benefits more equitably across the workforce.Read More

What Every Worker Needs to Know About Social Security

Social Security should be reformed to shift resources from younger to older beneficiaries and distribute benefits more fairly to single household heads and two-earner couples, Institute Fellow and Richard B. Fisher chair Eugene Steuerle told Congress last week. Read More



Research Spotlight

Explore our interactive state and local pension report card that grades plans on benefit design and financing.


Key Questions about Retirement

How is retirement changing, how can workers prepare, and how can policymakers improve retirement security?


In the News

155,000 Americans Had Social Security Benefits Cut in 2013 Because of Student Debt (Wall Street Journal)
September 10, 2014

Pa. State Worker Pensions Set ‘Arbitrarily,’ Report Says (Newswork.org, WHYY News)
September 7, 2014



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