Children's Participation in Medicaid and SCHIP


Children's Participation in Medicaid and SCHIP

Early in the SCHIP Era


In 1999, 72 percent of Medicaid-eligible children and 45 percent of SCHIP-eligible children were participating in these programs. Medicaid and SCHIP participation rates varied significantly by state and some states have been able to achieve very high coverage rates for eligible children. Younger children, children with activity limitations, and black, non-Hispanic children were most likely to participate in Medicaid and SCHIP. Children in families with experience with welfare or with more positive
views about welfare were also more likely to participate. The data suggest that SCHIP made important inroads in covering children. As the welfare rolls shrink, Medicaid and SCHIP may face greater challenges in reaching uninsured
children. The analysis is based on the National Survey of America's Families and a detailed Medicaid and SCHIP eligibility model.

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