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A Primer on U.S. Housing Markets and Housing Policy is the first book that explains the economics of housing policy for a general audience. Planners, government officials, and public policy students will find that the economic perspective is a very powerful and useful way to examine these issues. The authors provide a broad review of the market for housing services in the U.S., including a conceptual framework, an overview of housing demand and supply, methods for measuring prices and quantities, and sources of basic data on markets. They cover housing programs and polices, and offer answers to policy questions that are of current interest. The book has been field-tested in graduate and undergraduate courses in urban and housing economics at the University of Wisconsin, the University of California—Berkeley, The University of Pennsylvania, and others. This book is also sure to be useful to policymakers, advocates, economists, and anyone interested in a clear picture of how housing markets function. Published in cooperation with the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association (AREUEA).

A Primer on U.S. Housing Markets and Housing Policy, by Richard K. Green and Stephen Malpezzi, is available in paperback from the Urban Institute Press (6" x 9", 226 pages, ISBN 0-87766-702-0, $26.50). Order online or call (202) 261-5687; toll-free 800.537.5487.

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