Module 1: Getting Started

Module 2: Leadership, Vision and Organizational Culture

Module 3: Collaborative Structure and Joint Ownership

Module 4: Data-Driven Understanding of Local Reentry

Module 5: Targeted Intervention Strategies

Module 6: Screening and Assessment

Module 7: Transition Plan Development

Module 8: Targeted Transition Interventions

Module 9: Self-Evaluation and Sustainability

Reentry Revisited

Let’s revisit what we have learned so far in the Collaborative Structure and Joint Ownership module. Please complete the following statement.

The four C’s of successful partnering are:

Communication, commitment, consistency, collaboration.

Communication, commitment, coordination, collaboration.

Communication, commitment, conflict, collaboration.

Communication, commitment, competition, collaboration.


Now that you have completed this section, you understand the concept of collaboration that is used throughout this toolkit, and you recognize that collaboration involves the nonhierarchical sharing of power to achieve a greater good.

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