LeBron James says “being black in America is tough.” He’s correct.

In response to an abhorrent act of vandalism, James offered a reflection on the intersection of race and class in America.

Three lessons from the Social Innovation Fund to improve federal grantmaking

The Social Innovation Fund was eliminated in the recent budget deal, but its best elements can live on in other areas of federal grantmaking.

How research can help us understand the relationship between fair lending and healthy cities

In a recent decision, the Supreme Court held that cities can sue lenders for predatory lending practices.

The federal government is closing the rental affordability gap in rural America

Housing affordability challenges in cities like San Francisco and New York often overshadow the enormous housing challenges in rural America.

To ensure green finance is really “green,” tie financing to results

Though many consider all green finance innovative, most instruments are conventional and could be improved by a heightened emphasis on results.

Federal data empowers local decisionmaking

A proposed bill to protect local decisionmaking could end up limiting access to federal data used by local governments to make informed decisions.

Creating a door out of poverty starts with partnerships

How can we act on the growing evidence base and increasing awareness about the central importance of housing?

Introducing the Evidence-Based Policymaking Collaborative

The Evidence-Based Policymaking Collaborative develops tools to inform evidence-based policymaking at all levels of government.

Managing investor risk in pay for success

All investments carry risk. Pay for success projects are no exception.