How an affordable housing developer improved Austin’s health outcomes

Austin's Foundation Communities launched free, on-site health programming with the help of a variety of partner health organizations.

New data can help communities address their health challenges

Recently released data collected from the 500 largest US cities reveal where health problems are most persistent.

The cost of homelessness will spike if Congress adopts Trump’s 2018 budget proposal

History shows that reducing spending only increases homelessness and drives costs up.

Proposed federal budget cuts threaten housing and health care partnerships

Cuts to HUD and Medicaid could make it harder for states to provide basic care to low-income people.

Proposed cuts to public housing threaten a repeat of the 1980s’ housing crisis

Cuts to public housing the Reagan administration made in the 1980s show how today's proposed cuts could be devastating to low-income families.

Cuts to USDA’s Rural Development Agency are a blow to rural America

The Trump administration’s proposed budget eliminates almost all direct loan programs for rural businesses, utilities, and housing.

Many South Asians lack local resources to withstand rise in hate crimes

A recent rise in intolerance toward South Asians may make the immigrant experience in rural America even more isolating.

Gaps in housing services, funding, and data challenge American Indians and Alaska Natives in metropolitan areas

On tribal lands, people are more aware of the housing-related services available to them.

How research can help us understand the relationship between fair lending and healthy cities

In a recent decision, the Supreme Court held that cities can sue lenders for predatory lending practices.

Mortgage lending in Indian Country has jumped, but land policies remain a barrier

The legal status of land in Indian Country is complicated and makes obtaining mortgages difficult.