Blocking funds to sanctuary cities could hurt all Americans

Cuts to federal funding in so-called "sanctuary cities" could severely damage the national economy and undermine public safety.

Communities cannot wait for federal action on unsafe foreclosures

A new wave of unsafe houses called "sick homes" have exited foreclosure only to be resold to unknowing residents, harming families and communities.

To end homelessness, Carson should continue Housing First approach

The first priority of the Housing First approach is to help people find and maintain their own housing.

DeVos, a charter proponent, must consider how charter school openings and closings affect kids and communities

If the President-elect's nominee for education secretary seeks to expand charter schools, we must understand how these schools' growth affects students and their communities.

Is Ben Carson ready to handle America’s rental housing crisis?

Over the past decade, rents have risen faster than incomes in almost every part of the country, yielding a big challenge for the incoming HUD secretary.

What community developers can learn from the Dakota Access Pipeline protests

The controversy is part of a long narrative of land policies explicitly connected to tribal identity and socioeconomic opportunity.

How can researchers work with practitioners to help Detroit’s comeback?

As Detroit recovers from the largest municipal bankruptcy in US history, the city stands at a crossroads.

How a voucher program sparked community interest in housing homeless veterans

Communities using HUD-VASH vouchers to develop housing for formerly homeless veterans should be aware of these distinct challenges and opportunities.

Shelter from the storm: The role of housing in stabilizing children’s lives

Without the security of stable housing, a child’s physical health, mental well-being, and educational achievement are easily threatened.

The ties that stabilize: How social networks and communities affect children

There’s another safety net for families much closer to home: social networks and local communities.