Three ways the Great Lakes region can find home-grown solutions to its challenges

Political rhetoric on the Great Lakes has portrayed the region as a victim of global forces, but the region’s recovery depends on investments in its strengths.

Improving the lives of kids in public housing

Children tend to be forgotten in debates on public housing policies, and few policy or program initiatives respond to the challenges they face.

Housing market revival is key to Detroit’s economic recovery

A healthy housing market can build Detroit residents’ wealth, attracts new residents, stabilize neighborhoods, and generate revenue for local government.

What the research says about immigrants hasn’t changed

The majority of immigrants are not to be feared but should be recognized for their economic, social, civic, and cultural contributions to this country.

Federal data empowers local decisionmaking

A proposed bill to protect local decisionmaking could end up limiting access to federal data used by local governments to make informed decisions.

In deportation debate, don’t forget Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

Hundreds of thousands of undocumented Asian American and Pacific Islander families could be affected by President Trump's immigration actions.

Blocking funds to sanctuary cities could hurt all Americans

Cuts to federal funding in so-called "sanctuary cities" could severely damage the national economy and undermine public safety.

Communities cannot wait for federal action on unsafe foreclosures

A new wave of unsafe houses called "sick homes" have exited foreclosure only to be resold to unknowing residents, harming families and communities.

To end homelessness, Carson should continue Housing First approach

The first priority of the Housing First approach is to help people find and maintain their own housing.

DeVos, a charter proponent, must consider how charter school openings and closings affect kids and communities

If the President-elect's nominee for education secretary seeks to expand charter schools, we must understand how these schools' growth affects students and their communities.