Debates over Clean Power Plan divert from the actions that are already happening

Low-income communities are the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

Moving to Work, staying in your lane

The expansion of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Moving to Work Demonstration will allow more public housing authorities to test innovative strategies for supporting residents.

To increase housing choice, try incentivizing landlords

Can housing voucher holders really move anywhere they want? Not really.

Why cash assistance is essential to moving Americans out of poverty

Cash assistance for people in poverty is an important piece of the mobility puzzle.

Rules of Thumb: Can a simple message reduce your credit card balance?

Simple rules of thumb, even if they’re not as detailed as other forms of financial education, might help people improve their financial decisionmaking.

How Moving to Work could teach us about the benefits and costs of car access

Moving to Work offers an excellent platform for learning systematically about low-income people’s travel choices.

What new programs and policies should public housing authorities be testing?

Our systems for delivering housing assistance to America’s poorest families are facing critical challenges and are in desperate need of innovation.

What do we really know about jobs?

The most universal—and perhaps the most potentially powerful —intervention in people’s lives is their job.

Preserving affordable housing: what works

Preserving existing affordable housing prevents displacement, is generally cheaper than building new housing, and conforms to existing land-use patterns.

What happens to teens who leave high school and work

What happens to young people who leave school without a high school diploma and enter the workforce early?