Boston organizations develop advanced algorithm to address city challenges

By leveraging data and technology, Boston organizations and local government leaders found a better way to connect young people to summer jobs.

Using data to make a difference for Boston-area students at risk of homelessness

Data provide the glue for a new alliance fighting student homelessness and promoting academic success at a Promise Neighborhood site in Boston.

Four ideas for strengthening the finances of community development financial institutions

Demand for the financial services offered by community development financial institutions is growing, but CDFIs must strengthen their finances.

Six ideas to help community development financial institutions better demonstrate their impact

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Building America: The immigrant construction workforce

We should recognize the contributions of immigrant construction workers who are vital to our economy.

Why good nonprofit jobs matter

The people we’re depending on to implement sophisticated program models often aren’t positioned for success.

Transforming housing, transforming lives?

In No Simple Solutions: Transforming Public Housing in Chicago, Susan Popkin chronicles the effects of the largest-ever public housing redevelopment effort.

Five things the federal government did to help end homelessness (and three things it might not get to do)

How would terminating the US Interagency Council on Homelessness affect efforts to end homelessness? Here's what the evidence says.

People and homes are aging quickly in our rural communities

Over the next 15 years, US communities will see their populations grow. But in rural areas, the increase will be mostly elderly citizens.

Using cash transfers to expand housing choice

What if instead of a voucher, low-income families received a cash transfer, or “housing allowance,” to help pay their rent?