HOST Publications

HOST uses housing as a platform to improve the life chances of vulnerable children and adults. Here’s some of what we learned.

Informing Services and Policy

Findings from the HOST demonstration helped inform services and policy throughout various housing authorities.

Addressing Parents' Mental Health in Home Visiting Services in Public Housing
Marla McDaniel, S. Darius Tandon, Caroline Heller, Gina Adams, Susan J. Popkin 

Designing a Home Visiting Framework for Families in Public and Mixed-Income Communities
Marla McDaniel, Caroline Heller, Gina Adams, Susan J. Popkin 

Building Public Housing Authority Capacity for better Resident Services
Sarah Gillespie, Susan J. Popkin 

Practice Grounded in Theory

HOST researchers explore the theoretical models that make HOST work.

HOST: Can Public Housing be a Platform for Change?
Susan J. Popkin, Marla McDaniel

A Theoretical Framework for Two-Generation Models
Molly M. Scott, Susan J. Popkin, Jasmine Simington

​Implementing HOST

Urban Institute researchers report on innovative methodologies, lessons from implementing, planning, and expanding the HOST model, and the realities of developing a two-generation model.

Data Walks: An Innovative Way to Share Data with Communities
Elsa Falkenburger, Brittany Murray, Priya Saxena

Making a Two-Generation Model work in the Real World
Molly M. Scott, Susan J. Popkin, Priya Saxena

HOST Year 2: Implementation and Expansion
Molly M. Scott, Elsa Falkenburger, Marla McDaniel, Amy Khare, Susan J. Popkin

Planning the Housing and Opportunity and Services Together Demonstration: Challenges and Lessons Learned
Susan J. Popkin, Molly M. Scott, Joe Parilla, Elsa Falkenburger, Marla McDaniel, Shinwon Kyung

​HOST Baseline Survey

The HOST Baseline Survey was conducted between 2012 and 2013 to learn what needs families, adults, and children faced. There was a total of 424 and 467 adult and youth respondents, respectively, in the Chicago, D.C., and Portland HOST sites. These briefs look at results from the survey and discuss the impact they had on service delivery and research.

HOST: Helping Families, Building Communities
Chantal Hailey, Priya Saxena

HOST Youth: The Challenges of Growing up in Low-Income Housing
Reed Jordan, Amanda Mireles, Susan J. Popkin

Serving HOST Families: The Challenges to Overcome
Molly M. Scott, Susan J. Popkin, Marla McDaniel, Priya Saxena, Reed Jordan 

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